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Affordable Turbo Kits

B Series AC Friendly Top Mount A/C Compatible T3 Turbo Manifold b16 b17 b18 b20 b18c

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T3 Flange Turbo Flange

38mm V Band Wastegate Flange

Requires switching to a high-quality front mounted slim fan for condenser. Will require some trimming. Ac condenser custom mounting and slight trimming of core support may be required. 

Fits with Pulsar GTX3076R Gen2 3067, 3071, normal and compact

May fit other small turbos

Does NOT fit 1988-1991 Prelude B20 and B21 engines

Requires modifying condenser mount, front mount condenser fan, Removing or modifying power steering bracket bolt. May or may not require modifications depending on your chassis. Some b series engines may require shaving a minor amount off the front of the block.