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Affordable Turbo Kits

ASPX D2 Wideband Gauge and o2 Sensor AFR kit

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1 – Blue LED display color
 Configurable four types of fuel (E85, Diesel, Gasoline, Methanol) and lambda display (Faceplates are sold as accessories)
3 – Sweeping LED "needle" indicator from rich (green) then normal (orange) to lean (red)
6 – Fail safe LOCKED connector - it is not possible to make a wrong connection
7 – Anti Glare Faceplate 
8 – Multiple outputs for digital (to PC), analog (to data logger / EMS), narrowband for simulation and extra switch options
9 – On gauge programming - No need a PC or tablet for programming upper/lower limits and other settings

Less Wiring & Simple Installation
There is only Oxygen Sensor and output cables to be connected. Works with only Bosch LSU4.2 Wideband Oxygen Sensor (Part#17014) INCLUDED!